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Superior Hydraulics

A weak hydraulic system can render a log splitter useless. Boss Industrial's rugged hydraulic system is built using superior materials and a stronger structure. Instead of using a half gear shaft system like many competitors do, all of our log splitters feature full gear shafts which ultimately increases the amount of stress our log splitters can handle. This means less down time and greater productivity.


Greater Value

Stronger log cradles are installed to keep logs in place and eliminate damage from dropped logs. A large sturdy wheel base allows each log splitter to travel over rougher terrain. Powerful electric motors & engines ensure that your log splitter is always up to the task at hand. Together, these features result in a longer life and greater value for your money.

Safety & Portability

Lugging around heavy log splitting equipment can take its toll and cause back problems. Our log splitters maximize ergonomics and portability through centrally located handles, larger wheels and optional stand accessories. These features lead to less effort spent in moving and using the log splitter and can decrease the occurrence of costly back problems.



In order to exceed industry standards, Boss Industrial works with third party testing organizations to ensure overall product safety. Our products are listed with CSA, one of the oldest and most prestigious testing organizations in the world. We also maintain CE compliance for our European customers.


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