What is the warranty on your log splitters?
Answer :
Boss Industrial products come with a warranty that surpasses any guarantee in the industry. We promise to repair or replace any part of a product that proves to be defective in workmanship or materials for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase for residential use and 90 days for commercial or rental usage. Learn more
Where should I use these log splitter?
Answer :
On level and non-slippery terrain. The electric models can be used indoors/outdoors, however, the gas engine model can only be used outdoors.
Is there any assembly required for my BOSS log splitter?
Answer :
No. However depending on the model, you may need to assemble the operating level. See manual for instruction.
What kind of outlet do I need to operate my BOSS log splitter?
Answer :
115v, 60 Hz standard 3 prong outlet. See manual for additional information.
Do I ever need to add hydraulic oil to my BOSS log splitter?
Answer :
The hydraulic oil should be changed once a year. See manual for complete maintenance guide.
What models can I use the 4 way wedge attachment on?
Answer :
The 4 way wedge fits the 5 ton, 7 ton and 8 ton models.
What protective gear should I wear when using my BOSS Log splitter?
Answer :
When operating your BOSS log splitter make sure that you wear safety gear such as goggles or safety glasses, steel-toed shoes and tight fitting gloves (without loose cuffs or drawstrings). Always wear a protective hearing device when operating your BOSS log splitter.
Can I order replacement parts directly from Boss Industrial?
Yes, replacement parts can be ordered directly through us via email or phone.
Can I use an extension cord with my BOSS log splitter?
Yes, please see owner’s manual for extension cord details and requirements.